We Build Garages

Done projects all along Tacoma and Pierce County. If you have come across our site, you probably have something in mind as getting a garage built for you. Fortunately for you, we are carpenters that could design and build your dream project!

You may have a design in mind, possibly some examples or specific ideas to share with us on what you would want. When it comes to design, we know the importance of coming together and putting ideas to paper. Communication is everything in this business.

What kind of garage are you looking for? Maybe you just need a 2 car garage, perhaps a 3 car to really ensure that you have plenty of space. 

Maybe one story is not enough and you need a garage with a second story above it. For living space, storage or an office.

We’ve built garages with a high enough ceiling and with bigger garage doors to accommodate the storage of RV’s & boats.

If you want gable  style roof, or a hip roof, or a roof deck with stairs, we can definitely help you with that! Maybe you would like a hip roof or maybe have a deck over your garage.

Maybe you would like yours to be detached, something where you can have your own space away from home. If you are thinking of having a shop, having a detached garage allows you to work without waking up or disturbing the entire household. These are also great because you can turn these into an extra guest room, mother in law suit, man-cave or your personal hideout when you need your privacy.

Or maybe you’d like an attached garage that blends in well with your home. We can do an addition, everything from the foundation to the framing, to the siding. After that is all done, we’ll paint your home to match the existing color of your home.

If you’re looking for additional storage areas in your garage, or maybe an attic area, those are things that could be discussed. We’ve gotten requests as well to help build shops, with areas designated for car lifts.


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Mother In Law Suites – These are important if you want to have live in situation for yourself, maybe your own spot and possibly a renter. We are all around carpenters and can build kitchens and bathrooms within your mother in law suite.

Accessory Dwelling Units – These are units that we would build on the same parcel of property, that would have kitchens and bathrooms included. These are units that you could live in or potentially rent out (similar to a mother in law suite).

They would share the same utilities (electrical &plumbing) as the home. 

We serve all of Pierce county, but we are specifically located in Gig Harbor. So if you live near and are interested in hiring local, then give us a call! 206-207-0807

All Around Carpentry Services

We are all around general contractors, specializing in all forms of carpentry.

Kitchen Remodels – If you are looking for someone to design a kitchen for you, we have 20+ years in this field and it is our specialty. When it comes to remodeling we can install new counter tops, hardwood floors, cabinets, and all of the above!

Bathroom Remodels – You might be looking to have your bathroom renovating to have a more up to date and modern look. We can install new showers, bath tubs, sinks and the ‘whole nine’.You want to us to demo the current bathroom? No problamo. We will take out anything you dont want, following all safety precautions to ensure that no pipes are cut. Our plumbers will come in and do any necessary work to make sure that

Painting – We can do all interior and exterior types of painting. We’ve painting many homes around Pierce County. Can also stain decks and handrails.

New Decks – Decks are one of our specialties. If you need a front patio, two story deck or stairway, we got you covered!

Small demo – We are very experienced when it comes to the removal of any cabinets, decks, retaining walls, bathtubs, carpet, hardwood, stairs, and windows. ‘Small’ demolition jobs are great for us!

We are located in Gig Harbor, WA and do projects all around Pierce County